Letra da Abertura

Lidsville (Lidsville – 1971) – Letra do Tema de Abertura

Lidsville Theme

In the middle of the summer, in the middle of a park,
There began a great adventure for a boy whose name was Mark
He had come to see the magic man, along with all the children and
‘twas so began the day that Mark was never to forget

He performed all sorts of miracles, and Mark was so impressed
That when the time arrived to go he lagged behind the rest
Then quietly he did return, the secret of the hat to learn
But everyone had gone away and darkness filled the set

The moment that he touched the hat the room began to glow
And as he put it down and ran the hat began to grow, and grow,
And grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow,
And grow, and grow

He was stunned and he was fascinated, still he had to see
There was something deep inside the hat
What could that something be?
Then cautiously each step he took, he climbed up on the brim to look,
And all at once the hat began to shake, and rock, lookout

maniacal laughter

Falling, falling, into the hat he fell,
Spinning, turning, whirling, twirling
Down, down

And when he looked into the skies
He couldn’t believe his ears or eyes

Lidsville is the Koo-Koo-Kookiest,
Lidsville is the Ki-Ki-Kickiest,
Lidsville is the Groo-Groo-Grooviest
Lidsville is the living end, friend

If you have a chance to go-go there
You’ll be glad you did, ‘cause
Everybody who goes to Lidsville really flips his lid

Hoo Doo’s signature evil laughter

How’s that for a topper?

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